Hi, my nickname is joseffritzl but I have nothing to do with Josef Fritzl. I am just the person who wisely or unwisely registered http://www.joseffritzl.com on April 27th 2008, just some hours after the whole planet became acquainted with a disturbing story. I hope this website could be helpful to know human nature just a bit better.


The content of http://www.joseffritzl.com started being a content related to the Josef Fritzl case but I have no idea how it may end. Who knows, maybe the content won’t have any connection with Josef Fritzl.



  1. My name is Giselli Souza, I´m journalist from Folha Online, the website of Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, and I would like to do an interview with the lawyer of, Josef Fritzl.

    I would like to focus on the strategies of the defense and shows the personality and the causes of the crimes.

    Could you give me any contact, please?


    Giselli Souza
    Internation Desk
    office: (55 11) 3224.4914
    mobile: (55 11) 8459.0735
    About Folha de S.Paulo, in english:

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